Scheduled Imports

Let the server do the import – when you decide

When you have made an import job with Import Manager or Migration Manager, it is possible to save it for later use. It is then possible to set up a scheduled task (Scheduled tasks from Windows) and run your import job on a specific time. You can setup as many scheduled tasks as you wish to and need for your business. This is a clever way to do an auto import automatically whenever you desire.
For example you could set up a server to do imports during office closing hours, every night at midnight and your data would be synchronized the next morning.

It can be very useful when you are dealing with information from other databases and need the information inside your CRM solution at a specific time.

How can it be used?

Let’s imagine that you have these systems in your company: CRM, ERP and a CMS solution. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was some way of integrating these?

You would like to know as much about your leads and customers as possible. You have a contact form on your website where people can sign up if they would like to be contacted and you have all your customer finance information in your ERP solution. With Import Manager or Migration Manager it is now possible to connect to your CMS database and connect to the table with the signups and setup imports every hour into your lead area in CRM.

You also want to have the finance information from your customers inside your CRM solution, but you don’t want to setup advanced integration to your ERP system. With Import Manager or Migration Manager you can do it very easily (perhaps within only a few hours). You connect to the ERP database from Import Manager or Migration Manager and connect to the table with the finance transaction. You setup a match on account number from your ERP to the account number in CRM and update the transactions to a custom created entity under your account. In that way it is very easy for your sales team to get a quick overview of the transactions on a specific customer.

IM menu to make automatic Scheduled jobs   Autoimport button