Migration Manager

Start your first import with Migration Manager in less than 5 minutes…

Migration Manager, from CRM Extensions, provides you with a powerful import tool that gives you the ability to:


Import data into Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365

Create customized field mappings

Create customized duplicate checking

Relate Entities to each other with easy matching

Schedule your imports

Clean data

Migration Manager, makes it possible to import data from one or more data sources, create new records of a given entity in the CRM database and make relations to other entities in one single process. Compared to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Migration Manager offers a more flexible import of data, including the ability to create relationships to an existing entity in Microsoft Dynamics CRM and to create new relationships between entities, while they are in the process of being imported.
If you use the scheduling option, the import process can be performed automatically on a regular basis so that the CRM database is always up-to-date with the newest information from all external data sources.

Migration Manager is cheaper than the Import Manager product and easier to install and it doesn’t require a server installation, but the trade off is that you don’t have the all the advanced functionality you have in Import Manager.

If you belong to the kind of business that utilizes CRM and you want to integrate your system with another system or perhaps some local excel files containing some of your data, Migration Manager is an extremely useful tool with very low requirements and an extraordinary ease of use.  Another typical scenario would be if you just started using Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and you want to upload all of your local data without having to tediously enter the data again.

Works on Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365 – on all platform; On-premise, Online, Online and Internet faced deployments.

Import Manager integrated automatic field mapping   Import Manager Light rule settings