Import Manager is easy to Install

When you are using Import Manager on your own server, you should install the Server module on a server where it is possible to connect to your CRM deployment automatically. After you have installed the server it is possible to connect to it from the Import Manager Client module and set up import jobs. When you have made a mapping of the data from your data source and started the import it is possible to disconnect and Import Manager Server will ensure the data gets imported into your Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution and this can even be done in an automatic and timely manner.

The client should be installed on your local machine and gives you the possibility to connect to the Import Manager Server module to set up import jobs.

Import Manager works on both Microsoft Online and hosted CRM solutions. You need to install the module on one of your own servers and from there connect to the hosted deployment. When it is connected it is now possible from your Import Manager Client to connect to the Import Manager Server and set up import jobs. It’s a good partner tool because you can connect to all your customer solutions directly from the Server module, so that you only need one tool to ensure that data gets correctly into your customers solutions.

You need to add your CRM solution to Import Manager so it knows where to import data to. It is possible to add more CRM solutions to one Import Manager Server so you can control all your customers from one point.

The whole installation process can be boiled down to the following:
1. Unzip and run setup.exe to install Import Manager. The whole process is more or less automatic through the installation wizard. When prompted to provide the necessary information to open a SQL connection, make sure you do so with a user with the appropriate administrator permissions. Simply follow the wizard till Import Manager v5 has been installed.

2. Open a browser to http://localhost:5544/ and follow the instructions (download client and start with the provided login and password information from browser).

For further information, see the installation guide.


Watch the video directly on YouTube                Watch the video directly on YouTube.