Import Manager

Seamless Import On Your Dynamics CRM with Import Manager

Enterprises that have multiple software tools in place for efficient information and customer management often wonder if the different systems can function in cognition. The objective behind having a Dynamics CRM system or an ERP system or both, is to have well integrated operation and management, something that becomes possible with Import Manager.

There is an absolute need to have all the data, information or any details across all platforms as and when desired. While ERP serves a specific purpose, Dynamics CRM would have some different primary functions and so would a CMS. Businesses need to sync the records to ensure convenient access to the required info at specific times.
Import Manager offers you the full deal to take care of these issues by integrating your systems.

Many companies face a problem when the ERP platform houses the financial data while the customer information accessed at the service end is utilized through Dynamics CRM. More often than frequent, ERP records the financial details and all such transactions of a specific customer or a deal and the CRM system is not updated automatically. This creates a gap which is not desirable when you want to have a seamless system in place where a specific update is to be recorded across the board and all platforms that you may be using for your business. There is a need for an automated integration of the systems.

With Import Manager, it is possible to configure the server settings whereby any data recorded on any specific software can be seamlessly imported to other applications. The automated import job may not need human intervention and can easily be scheduled to perform automatic hourly tasks or even tasks at smaller time frequencies.

Hence, if a company uses ERP, CRM and CMS and a payment update is recorded on the ERP platform, a scheduled job can easily update the CRM with the information that is required. You may not want all the details to be imported. In such cases, you can customize the kind of update or information that needs to be imported. All of these can be performed on Dynamics CRM simply by using the Import Manager and there is no need whatsoever of any external or additional software or system.

    Integrated Automatic scheduled Autoimport

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