Make sure the data fits to your CRM solution

Import Manager can do much more than merely import data into Microsoft CRM, with transformation giving the user an hitherto unparalleled control over his data.
In Import Manager, data transformation is an easy way to transform data from the data source so it fits your CRM solution. Imagine that you have ‘Y’ and ‘N’ in your data source, but you want to replace them with a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ in your CRM solution. We offer a wide range of data transformation possibilities to accomplish this and many other objectives.
Another simple, yet useful example, is the ‘Empty Spaces’ functionality that removes spaces in a data source field before it is imported to CRM.

Possibilities include, but are not limited to:

Capitalize First Letters – Capitalizes the first letter in a string, unless it is already a capital letter.

Conditional Replace – Replaces a value with another. For example you might want to change the formatting for streets, so that street becomes Str. And for that the conditional replace transformation is very useful.

Empty String Test – Checks to see if a string is empty. Looks for empty string and let’s you choose an action to perform, when one is found.

Left Trim/Right Trim – Removes spaces to the left/right of a string.
Calendar dates can be aligned to the format that you prefer and in a way that ensures it fits to the fields in your CRM system.

Regular expression is another advanced possibility in Import Manager for your data transformation, with virtually endless possibilities.

Automatic Picklist Mapping

The various data fields in an object are mapped to a picklist automatically when using Import Manager. This makes for an easy way to map data from a data source into CRM. It saves you a lot of time and helps to ensure that data is placed correctly in CRM.

We suggest you ‘play’ with the transformations in a test environment before you do live data migrations with Import Manager.

Import Manager Overview    Import Manager automatic transformation

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