Software Assurance

Software Assurance

Software assurance is an often neglected component, when purchasing software in today’s market, though it shouldn’t be, as it is an important component, which expresses the quality of the product.

Included in the price of Import Manager, we offer one year of software assurance. This gives you the possibility to upgrade to new versions and add new patches to the product without extra costs. As mentioned, the software assurance is valid for one year and the price to extend it for one more year is only 20% of the current sales price.
Software assurance is important in today’s volatile market and gives our customers, including you, the peace of mind that we continue to support our products and keep them up to date, while repairing any bugs that may surface.


If you have purchased a license within the last year or if you have paid for the software assurance, you can upgrade to the newest version of Import Manager free of charge. You can use our automatic license updater every time you have to update a license to the latest version of Import Manager.
It is easy and straightforward to do this, but should you experience problems in the process, please contact us on and we will help you out.


The possibility to extend this software assurance with another year means that our customers will have the best available version of Import Manager for another full year, including any completely new versions that may come out, an unprecedented offer that should ensure any of our customers have their full peace of mind, when purchasing our software.


You will automatically receive an invoice for software assurance if you haven’t informed us that you want to end your software assurance.


Check out our partner program for details on becoming an Import Manager reseller.