Product Overview

Products for Import and Migrations to Microsoft Dynamics CRM

We have 2 main products for imports and migrations: Import Manager and Migration Manager Import Manager makes it possible to do a large data migration from one system to another, set up an auto import that is scheduled to run automatically and even do backup of data and much more, with an easy and intuitive user-interface. With an easy to use drag and drop feature, coupled with possible data transformation, the functionality is amazing. Unwanted data can be deleted during the process of an import and it will help secure a better data quality. We are only as good as the products we choose to incorporate into our businesses. We have to take serious measures and execute business plans with confidence. The right tools can help us boost this confidence. Migration Manager makes it possible to import data from one or more data sources, create new records of a given entity in the CRM database and make relations to other entities in one single process. Compared to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Migration Manager offers a more flexible import of data, including the ability to create relationships to an existing entity in Microsoft Dynamics CRM and to create new relationships between entities, while they are in the process of being imported. You will have the possibility to try both our products; Import Manager and Migration Manager for free. Download  here. compare products

Adding power to your mindset and your business

Upon installation, Import Manager connects to the server that ultimately connects to your CRM solution. User privileges and other settings are inherited from the sources through this method. There is an integrated scheduling engine that will run tasks per automation. This will ensure that the CRM database is always up-to-date. This is very important to get the most benefits out of the deal. Anyone who has chosen to use Import Manager on their own server also needs to install the Import Manager Server module. It is the server that enables you to connect to your CRM deployment. You will then be able to use the Import Manager Client module to connect to the server and set up import jobs as necessary. The product will ALSO work with hosted CRM solutions or Microsoft Online. The Import Manager Server module will be necessary to connect to the hosted CRM deployment. You will have full functionality at this point. It makes an excellent tool to partner with your existing tools. Finally connecting with the many customer solutions rapidly is made possible and you only need one tool to get it done. For optimal performance and convenience Import Manager is simply an ingenious product that any serious minded professional needs to have.