Advanced Features

Advanced and flexible possibilities with Import Manager

There are extended possibilities with Import Manager, such as autoimport through the automatic scheduling of jobs. You have full control of user rights and you can control the deployments a specific user has access to through Import Manager. This can be very useful when you are dealing with a lot of customers from one server.

Multi Threading gives you the possibility to control the speed of an import to a certain extent. Import Manager can be set to use a single thread (core) or it can be set to use multiple threads on newer computers with multiple cores.  When this is chosen, the application automatically utilizes as many as 8 cores, which will greatly improve the speed with which the import jobs are done. We have seen solutions with over 200 imports per second (though this depends greatly on hardware specifications).

Dynamic fields is a feature that combines different fields from a data source into one field in the destination system. E.g. It can be used if you want to combine a first and a last name into one full name field.

Post import events are a set of post-processes that further help you meet you business requirements. There are different post events for different types of entities but some are available on all entities such as setting the owner or state of the record.

Post import events are very useful when you want to perform business logic, while you are adding data into your CRM system. It is possible to execute a workflow AFTER an import, so you can combine the rules you have made in your workflows.
With this functionality it is possible to add or remove members from a marketing list, send emails, send faxes, set states, assign messages and do various things more or less automatic.

These are just some of the advanced features in Import Manager. Find details about the possibilities with Scheduled Imports if you wish to do automatic imports at a specific time.

Import Manager Data Mapping  Import Manager Post Events automatic scheduling

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