Import Examples

Transforming Data

In this example we’ll show you some advanced data transforming, using Import Manager. Following up on the “Importing from Excel to CRM” case scenario and the “Migration from Excel to CRM” import example, both involving the Khmer Kids’ NGO’s,  we’ll give you a few examples of how this import could have been done with data transformation on the fly. Read More


Access to CRM Online

As we saw in the Olsson Plumbing case scenario, even small companies can have great use of Import Manager Light, for example when they wish to import their data from a pre-existing Access database to Microcoft CRM Online. As with any Import Manager Light project, you start by opening the application and then you choose […] Read More

Migration from Excel to CRM

In this import example we will go into further details with the Import Manager migration to Excel from Microsoft CRM 2011 Online that the Khmer Kids’ NGO needs to undertake. Due to the fact that the import is done from Excel, we need the full version of Import Manager, as the light version does not have the correct plugin[…] Read More