How does it work?

Import Manager is an Easy to use Import Tool

Import Manager is a powerful tool by CRM Extensions that allows large scale management of data for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, with unprecedented control and monitoring during import, updating, deletion and even transformation of data. It is seamlessly integrated with MS CRM and can do a whole host of things automatically.

Besides allowing you to manage sophisticated data import tasks into Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Import Manager can also help you with your complex data matching needs without requiring any SQL knowledge. It allows easy drag and drop mapping of fields as well as the possibility of transforming your data on the fly with the help of the new dynamic field functionality. Furthermore, it is now possible to delete unwanted data as part of the data transformation process.  The best part is that because IM is so well integrated with MS CRM the whole process feels almost automatic.

Import Manager’s client-server architecture also enables one Import Manager Server installation to connect to several CRM Servers. These can be either on-premise, hosted or online servers and include both older versions of CRM and the current CRM 2011. Therefore it is possible to log into the server module from a client and control the processes according to each user’s privileges.

Another feature of Import Manager is the scheduling engine that runs tasks automatically on a regular basis, which is an ideal solution for larger imports as well as the conservation of system resources during office hours. This feature enables you to ensure that your CRM database is always updated with the latest information from all external sources and can also be used for data backup. A truly invaluable tool.

Import Manager is integrated with Excel, Access, SQL, ERP Systems, Text Files, other CRM Systems and any ODBC based system and it comes with an intuitive Office 2007/10-like user interface, so that new users will be able to use it immediately.

Find details about how to purchase Import Manager or download and try it for free, before you commit.

Import Manager supports CRM 3.0, CRM 4.0, CRM 2011, CRM 2013, CRM 2015, CRM 2017 and CRM365 on all platforms (On-Premise, IFD and Online).

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