List of Features


Manage relationships between objects when importing

Schedule Imports

Schedule imports on a min/hour/daily basis

All Customizable entities

Import into all entities and attributes in CRM. Including custom entities

Data sources

Connect and collect data from other sources (CSV, ODBC, DB, Excel)

Save Imports

Save import mappings as a template for later use


Transform, combine and manipulate data on-the-fly when importing

Duplicate checking

Update records when a given match criterion is met


Import data from your database to Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions


Delete records based on a given match criterion

Advanced Ownership

Set the ownership based on the data from the data source

Advanced match criteria

Create advanced match criteria based on multiple fields

Command line tools

Execute, stop, log imports from the Command Prompt

Multiple CRM Installations

Manage multiple CRM installations within one ImportManager instance

Entity specific actions

Specific logic like: ‘set state’, ‘Add to marketing list’, ‘Add user to security Role’ or run Workflow are some of the advanced features