Case Scenarios

Importing From Excel To Crm

NGO’s can benefit from the excellent importing tool Import Manager and Microsoft CRM, just as much as any other business. E.g. by importing from Excel to CRM. Khmer Kids is an international NGO started by an Italian nurse named Julia and her Swiss husband, Doctor Herbert Schmidt. Their aim is to take care of children in… Read More

From Access to CRM Online

Even small companies can have great use of Migration Manager. Olsson Plumbing started out as a one man company, but quickly grew to a size where Olsson and his wife realized they needed an effective CRM system, preferably an online system, instead of Olsson’s homemade and somewhat confusing Access database, which only Olsson seems to fully know works. Read More

Integrate Web to CRM

Prestige Models is an Asian model agency that recently decided to invest in Microsoft CRM 2011 online, as the growth of the company has meant that their traditional methods of keeping track of models and clients have become obsolete and tediously slow.  Apart from migrating their old system data into the new system, Read More

ERP to CRM Migration

An unlikely Import Manager scenario can nevertheless set a good example on how a good migration can be accomplished from an ERP system to Microsoft CRM. Klein & Stein Accounting is an old company that was founded just after first world war by two good friends, back when computers didn’t exist and everything was written by hand in thick ledgers . Read More