Import and Migrations for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365

Import Manager is the best product for doing import and datamigration for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. - More than 1.000 companies are using Import Manager

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Advanced Features

Connects to all major data sources with ODBC or import directly from text or Excel files

Scheduled Imports

Scheduled CRM Data imports automatically to enable integrations to other systems

How does it work?

Import, update and delete data in all standard and customized entities



“At Microsoft Sweden we have an internal pilot project with Microsoft CRM for partner management. Every week we update the partner information in Microsoft CRM with data from Microsoft Partner Program. We use Import Manager to map the data from an Excel-file to Microsoft CRM. The main reason to use third-party software to do this data import/update is that we need a user interface that is so easy to use that a super-user can administer it, instead of using consultants. We got this using Import Manager” Malin Jonolf, Partner Account Manager Microsoft Sweden

One of the best things about Import Manager is that it is a multi-version import tool. It will work on both older and newer versions of Microsoft Dynamic CRM. So if you have been using Microsoft’s CRM for the past several years or whether you are a new user, you will be able to use the Import Manager tool with any of the current versions to be able to import data.

The Import Manager offers key solutions to many of the problems that may be found with other import tools available. The software allows the user to easily choose the parameters that suit the different needs of different uses of data importation. It also works on multiple versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The parameters will allow you to import data and make queries that suit your needs. One of the key parameters that are used in Import Manager is the flexibility tool that is available on all of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platforms.

There is a very powerful import management tool that is available now, it is called Import Manager and it will help with the once daunting task of importing data. The Import Manager will allow a user to import data to any type of data source or data field that is used within the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013. If you were looking for a solution to be able to import all of the data you need as you need it and how you need it, then Import Manager may be a solution to help deal with this issue as it is an easy to use solution for the task of data importing.