List of Features

Some of features in Import Manager



Schedule Imports

  • Manage relationships between objects when importing
  • Schedule imports on a min/hour/daily basis

All Customizable entities

Data sources

  • Import into all entities and attributes in CRM. Including custom entities
  • Connect and collect data from other sources (CSV, ODBC, DB, Excel)

Save Imports


  • Save import mappings as a template for later use
  • Transform, combine and manipulate data on-the-fly when importing

Duplicate checking


  • Update records when a given match criterion is met
  • Import data from your database to Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions


Advanced Ownership

  • Delete records based on a given match criterion
  • Set the ownership based on the data from the data source

Advanced match criteria

Command line tools

  • Create advanced match criteria based on multiple fields
  • Execute, stop, log imports from the Command Prompt

Multiple CRM Installations

Entity specific actions

  • Manage multiple CRM installations within one ImportManager instance
  • Specific logic like: ‘set state’, ‘Add to marketing list’, ‘Add user to security Role’ or run Workflow are some of the advanced features